The Importance of Concrete Cancer Treatment

Concrete Cancer is also known as “Spalling”. Steel framework is like the bones inside the body and the concrete covering that steelwork is like the skin. When outside elements such as rain, or moisture are allowed to penetrate the concrete, it opens up the passage way for the steelwork to become compromised by rust.

The rusting of the steel inside the concrete can cause the steel to not only expand but weaken over time. The expansion of the steel causes bulging which in turn causes the surrounding concrete to weaken and lose it’s strength. The way to stop the progression of this type of damage is to apply a Concrete Cancer Treatment or Spalling Treatment. If damage of this type can be caught early enough, the treatment or repair of this damage can be accomplished quickly and easily depending on location and the process will return the structure to it’s pre-damage strength. Basically the treatment is simple and straightforward. The loose concrete is removed from the area where the rusting steel is found. The steel is then cleaned of rust and corrosion and rust-proofed. If the steel shows signs of damage, that section may have to be replaced. The final step is to reapply the concrete using what ever methods are needed in order to return the concrete to it’s original look.

To allow this type of damage to progress untreated is begging for disaster. Investments must be protected from damage and repaired when that damage is found. Your investment will continue to provide returns for years to come if you will apply the necessary treatment to stop concrete cancer in it’s tracks.

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