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History of the Silicone Wristband

wristbandsSilicone wristbands were first made popular in 2004 by cyclist Lance Armstrong as a fundraising tool for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The yellow silicone wristbands sold for this campaign were part of a program meant to raise funds for cancer awareness and research. By the summer of 2004, these yellow silicone wristbands were wildly popular, having generated more than $25 million dollars in the first six months after their launch. Since the launch of these popular silicone bracelets, other charities have used these “gel” bracelets to promote their own causes. (more…)

Compromising on United States Health Care Reform

United States President Barack Obama has a plan. According to the messages conveyed via his 2008 presidential election platform, it is a plan of the utmost priority. President Obama would like to see every American afforded equal rights and opportunities to receive quality health care and medication. Now, at a time beyond his landmark ?first one hundred days in office,? the president has finally begun his campaign to make it happen. Not surprisingly, the topic of U. S. health care reform is being subjected to heated debates. (more…)

Customize your lanyard

Customized lanyards are a growing trend among the old and young alike. One only has to take a trip to the local mall or other shopping center to see people of all ages sporting their very own personalized lanyards. Allover the place there are any number of different types of custom lanyards to be found. People are purchasing lanyards they have designed themselves with their favorite themes or characters. Color options for custom lanyards are absolutely endless! Little girls can choose a powder pink neck lanyard that includes their favorite princess character. Grown women can choose a sports lanyard that is a bit more simple, in modern colors that will work with any outfit of the week. Little boys can choose printed lanyards that include their favorite comic book heroes, or fire trucks, or camouflage. Hunters will also like their very own lanyard designs in camouflage or hunter’s orange. The possibilities of design are endless, and are suitable for all varieties of people.

Six sigma training, lean six sigma

There are many reasons to investigate taking Six Sigma training and Lean Six Sigma technique classes if you are running any kind of a business, government project, or non-profit organization. Six Sigma training was first developed by the Motorola Company and has since been used by many entities for the purpose of cutting costs through running at peak performance ability. (more…)