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Nourishing Gifts from the Garden

There is nothing greater than biting in to the first, juicy red tomato of the growing season, especially if you’ve had to suffer through the imported winter varieties. Many rewards abound, as the earth thaws and brings forth new life. It is a time to re-awaken the senses and celebrate the textures of life. Follow me, as I prepare a healthy meal from my garden, but first let’s see what’s there. (more…)

Healing Powers of Aromatherapy for your Hot Tub Spa

hottubOur sense of smell is extremely powerful. In general, the body is able distinguish up to 10,000 different scents! As scents are inhaled through the nose, the smell travels across the olfactory nerves located on the inside and then up to the brain which controls our moods and effectiveness of learning. This area is called the Limbic System and when affected it will release endorphins, neurotransmitters and other feel-good chemicals. This is why one of the newest trends being seen in the hot tub spa industry is aromatherapy. If your cheap hot tubs already have custom hydrotherapy jets, waterfalls for a soothing atmosphere, and LED lighting systems to set the mood, what more could you do to enhance your hot tub experience? You can add aromatherapy scents.

Building Your Own Patios

When it comes to building your own patios there is a lot that you need to take into consideration. If you have never done this type of work before then you are going to possibly want the help of someone a little more experienced then you are. Patios are fairly easy to build once you have an exact design in mind and have all of the materials you need on hand. You certainly do not want to start any project this size without all of the tools and materials that you are going to need for the entire project, start to finish. (more…)


A baluster is typically described as an upright support with a vase like design such as the leg of a chair or supports in a railing. This design feature is found to be very appealing and balustrade has become a popular feature among many structures. Self installation of a balustrade system can be quite tricky. It is recommended that you have knowledge of this feature before proceeding or possibly hire a professional with the right amount of experience. (more…)


Of course, weeding comes hand in hand with gardening, but there are some simple steps that can be taken to minimize your weeding task.

1st Cover your entire garden area with black plastic for the first few weeks of spring. This prevents the early sprouting of weeds. Once you remove the plastic and till the soil, take a break for a week or two before you till again. This will take care of the second round of sprouting weeds.

2nd Make the decision to much your pathways with heavy amounts of mulch. Then at least they will be off your list of areas to weed. A cheap and simple trick for mulch is to layer newspapers flat in a row before you lay down the actual mulch. Of course, you could use black plastic, landscape fabric, sawdust, wood chips, or a thick layer of hay or grass clippings, but you have to dispose of your old newspapers anyway so you may as well recycle at home. (more…)

Pest Nets

In many areas of the world, damage from birds and pests is becoming an increasing problem. From individuals to business owners, the damage caused by these pests is costing thousands of dollars that could be better spent elsewhere. Not only do birds and pests damage signs and awnings, but they also pose serious health risks to people because of the dangerous diseases they are known to carry. Birds also carry lice, and the bites from these pests are much more painful than flea bites and also cause severe skin irritation. (more…)

Teenage Years are Stressful: Melt Away Stress with Hot Tubs

Whoever made the statement, ?teenage years are the best years of your life? obviously is omitting a big chunk of their teenage years. Teens are accumulating tremendous levels of stress nowadays that have the potential to affect their health and well being. This is understandable because teens have to try to balance school, home life, jobs, parents, college plans, friends, and relationships. (more…)

Frames and Trusses

It is very common in the Australian home to use timber frames and trusses. As well as constructing frames and trusses to standard sizes, you can usually custimize the frame or truss to use bigger sizes or smaller spaces. Whether or not your home is simple or complex, the frame and truss suppliers can provide you with your needs.

Some popular types of timber used for frames and trusses are pine, CCA treated pine and LOSP treated pine. Pine is indeed the most used of the three and is used in most situations. Pine is kiln dried and sized to stop warping and shrinking. CCA treated pine is treated with copper chrome arsenate, hence the name CCA. It will stop fungi, timber diseases, and bugs from attacking and is used where there is a known problem with bugs such as termites. LOSP stands for light organic solvent preservatives and will drive away bugs or diseases. (more…)