The Eternal Beauty of Stained Glass

Not a day goes by that we are not confronted with art. Sculptures in the park, paintings on the wall at the dentist office, or a beautiful vase at home are items used to beautify our environment and show us that art comes in many shapes and sizes, produced by various methods and techniques, with some forms more popular than others.

There is one type of art that has been around for centuries and has never lost its appeal. It is the magnificent beauty, variety and elegance of stained glass, which can still be found in lampshades, cabinet doors, tiles, candleholders, as well as window panes in churches or simple residencies.
Colored glass has been produced since ancient times. Today, stained glass art can come from renowned architectural stained and decorative art glass artists and studios, and can represent an expression of simple and prosaic patterns, or can be detailed and complex. The end product will ultimately depend on the requirement of the customer and/or the creative freedom given of the artist. 

Professional glass artists can provide advice on what patterns suit your home decor, and blend in best with your existing style and art pieces. They are familiar with artistic themes, textures, glass quality, color combinations and techniques, and know the possibilities their craft and skills have to offer.
Some of the procedures used for making stained glass art consist of faceting, etching, slumping and overlay techniques. Categories are based on the art’s theme, with ecclesiastical and modern architectural designs being the most famous and widely used.


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