Tips to make your home a luxury home

luxury homeLuxury is a state of mind translated into the physical environment around us. How do you make a plainly furnished house look luxurious?
Let’s start from the the living room or the salon as that is the place most frequented by our guests. First of all, choose plenty of colors but make sure that the colors agree with each other. If your sofa set is mustard, you could team it up with a bunch of cushions in satin and, each one of a different color like green, mauve and peach with a subtle lining of gold. Hints of gold always add that element of luxury to a place. Keep a center table with a glass top and make sure there is no clutter below it. Keep it clean. Cover the lower shelf with a nice little round mat, which has beautifully embroidered patterns on it. Detailed patterns also make it interesting. On the table top, place a large ceramic plate with a beautiful golden pattern drawn on it. You could place some chocolates wrapped in golden paper and throw in some pot pouri. If you have plane curtains, you could tie them around with satin ribbons of a contrasting color and let the long loose ends hang.

The bedroom can be made to look luxurious in several ways. Firstly, it is important not to have too much of contrast in here as this is the resting place and too many colors can be stressful to the mind and hardly relaxing. A better idea would be to use numerous shades of 1 or 2 colors here. If you choose the theme color of your room as purple, have subtle shades of purple. Keep the bed sheet of a darker shade and lighter tones as you go outward. You could have shades of one more color to compliment this base color but avoid contrast. Ultimately, anything that is soothing to the senses, visually, aromatically and spiritually would be classified as luxurious. So do not forget to use a bit of your intuition.

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