Criteria to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent, When Selling Your Home

Real Estate AgentSelling a house takes both time and money. To handle the sale of a properly, it helps to work with a real estate agent. However, not all agents are equal in terms of ability. To choose the right real estate agent for a home sale, it is important to look at the following criteria.


Real estate is a high turnover career with new agents constantly entering the business. It takes time to learn how to be an effective agent. New representatives are more likely to make mistakes or be unsure how to handle tough negotiations. As a result, it’s best to work with someone that has at least three to five years of experience.

Marketing Plan

What is a real estate agent’s plan for selling a home? A good agent should be able to outline a few key strategies right off the bat. Listen for points like how the agent plans on advertising, what type of advertising will be used, how long it will take to sell the property, and what needs to be done to get the house ready for the market. Only work with agents that seem to have a clear sales plan.

Area Knowledge

To make a house look attractive to potential buyers, a real estate agent needs to know the surrounding area well. This way the agent can describe the best parts of the neighbourhood and answer important questions about the area. Real estate agents tend to specialize in different sections of town so make to choose one that knows your area. Ask a few questions about the area’s current situation as well as what the agent thinks will change for the future.


Real estate agents get paid by charging a percentage of a home’s eventual sale price. Typically, the fee is 6% of the total sale. Ask each potential selling agent what they charge and see whether they would offer a discount; most agents are willing to negotiate on price. Even a small reduction can mean hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Also ask if the agent charges penalty fees for ending the contract. It’s possible that the arrangement might not work out. Check whether it would cost a fortune to end a deal early.


Lastly, ask each potential selling agent for references of past clients. Ask for permission to contact the references to see what past clients have thought of an agent. If an agent did a great job selling a home in the past, chances are he or she will come through again.

With the help of the right real estate agent, selling a house becomes much less of a hassle. It is important to use these criteria to track down the best agent to handle the deal.

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