10 Ways to Secure Your Home

home securityFor many Australians, their home is their most valuable possession. To stay protected, homeowners should always be on guard for burglaries, fires, and other costly disasters. While it’s impossible to prevent all problems, there are 10 easy ways to secure a home and make it much safer.

Keep Everything Locked

The easiest way to prevent break-ins is to keep all the doors and windows locked. What’s the point of installing a secure door only to leave it open? While it’s easy to forget in a rush, always be sure to lock the doors. You can also check Metal Building Prices to keep valuables that are outside safely locked up.

Avoid Hiding a Spare Key

While hiding a spare key near the front door can be convenient, it also invites problems. Burglars often check obvious hiding spots for a key like a welcome mat or rock near the front door. A better solution is to give the spare keys to a friend or neighbour.

Work with the Neighbours

Make an effort to know the neighbours. That way they’ll be able to recognize strangers wandering around next door. It also never hurts to have another set of eyes watching out for a fire or other disaster.

Strengthen the Doors

To get in a locked house, burglars could try to kick down one of the doors. Homeowners should make this as difficult as possible. Use a rod in the slots of screen doors so robbers can’t force them open. If the wood on a door or lock is rotting, replace it right away as this is a weakness point.

Secure the Windows

Like doors, windows should always be locked. For extra security, install a nail or pin in the window frame. This way the window is blocked from opening more than a few inches; enough for fresh air but not enough for a person.

Don’t Advertise Valuables

Burglars don’t pick homes at random. They look for houses that seem to offer highest payout. If people can see expensive furniture, TVs, or computers, through a front window, it’s inviting trouble. To avoid this problem, keep the curtains closed, especially at night. Installing bushes or fences around the front yard also keeps away unwanted attention.

Install the Right Alarms

Every home should have at least a fire alarm. The sooner a fire is detected, the easier it will be to get everyone safely out of the house and also prevent damage. A burglar alarm would also prevent break-ins. While these systems can be a bit more expensive, they are a great deterrent against unwanted visitors.

Plan for Vacations

Burglars look for homeowners that are on vacation. Avoid advertising a trip by having a neighbour pick up the mail and newspapers from the yard. Let them know about the travel plans so if there’s any activity in the house, they’ll get suspicious.

Safeguard Dangerous Areas

Prevent accidents by keeping dangerous areas secure. A pool should be surrounded by a fence to prevent small children from sneaking in. The garage should also be securely closed, especially if it contains sharp tools or hazardous chemicals.

Use Proper Lighting

It’s hard to sneak in through a bright light. By installing lights strategically around a property, it makes it much harder for a burglar. A good trick is to use motion sensors on flood lights set around points of entry like doors or windows.

For home security and safety, a little preparation makes a huge difference. Australians that follow these 10 tips will be well protected.

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