The Insider Story About Steve Barbarich and Choosehottubsdirect Company

BackyardpoolSteve Barbarich, an author, philantrophist, an inventor and CEO and owner of some of the most trusted sites in the online market today such as, Direct To Home Appliances,, While already a businessman, his foray into online business was the result of a bad transaction he experienced when he bought his tub online. He was unfazed by the experienced but instead put up his own online business, address the apprehension of consumers toward online shopping and as the saying goes, the rest is now history and his online business became the epitome of what an online store should be.

As an author, he shares of his secrets through his book “The Complete Manual on How to Make Money from Your Inventions and Patents” a complete guide to everything you want to know about patenting your product and it is available online for only $14, a small sum for compared to the knowledge you will gain from reading this book. Being an inventor himself, he founded the Inventors Publishing and Research Company (IP&R) to help fellow inventors like him developed, improved and introduced to the market their inventions. This company is a big help to struggling inventors who needed support to bring to the surface their inventions. Business has always been on his blood, he also founded a consumer product company named Absolutely New. All this achievements makes him very successful in all his chosen fields. Choosehottubsdirect reviews can attest to the veracity of this business principles.
Steve Barbarich would always shares his views on business by emphasizing the primary factor that makes him successful, “quality customer service is what keeps customers coming back” he would always like to point out. As no business will be ever be successful without embracing this basic businessman tenet. Happy customer’s results to repeat customers and whey they kept on coming back to your store you have your based clientele that will help you grow. Repeat customers also mean that what you are offering is a top quality product and the customer service you provide is good if not excellent.

Quality customer service is what makes Steve Barbarich company one of kind. Steve would always tell his staff that in answering queries from customer’s to always “put yourself into their shoes and you will never go wrong”. A good customer service makes or breaks a company, a valuable lesson he learned from the company where he brought his tub. The company did not only correct the wrong they had committed by replacing the incorrect dimension of the tub they had sent him and can only offer a lame excuse of “ better luck next time”. Steve knows this as surefire way of losing customer base that he ensures all his employees treat their customers fairly and honestly.

Repeat customers is the lifeblood of any company. Hence, Steve makes sure that all the products offered by his company is of the highest quality and all customers orders are directly ordered from the factory ensuring that only the correct tub with the correct dimensions are sent to the customers. Basically, your tub is almost “ custom made” and “factory priced”.

In the end, Steve Barbarich is proven right, by building his business around the principle of excellent customer service, his business now is the embodiment of what an online business should be.

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