How Rose to the Ranks of the Best E-Commerce Sites

 E-CommerceAmong the myriad of E-commerce sites I’ve seen and shopped at, the one that caught my loyalty is I happened upon the site when I was searching for a good addition to boost my newly constructed outdoor kitchen and BBQ grill. Upon looking around the site, I’ve learned that they cater a great selection of top-of-the-line outdoor living products including fire pits, hot tubs, portable spas, built in grills, and tons of accessories designed to augment the whole outdoor living experience. I’ve also looked around to see reviews about the company and found out has been in the business for several years because of their very affordable, high quality products, but also of their incredible customer service support.

So how exactly does value point distribution provide excellent customer service and helped it rise up the ranks of the top-consumer sites? Well, here’s what I’ve experienced with the company firsthand:

Consumer Service Team are Fully Knowledgeable about their Products

The most important factor of an excellent customer service is that the consumer service staff and sales steam are fully knowledgeable of their offered products or services. The must be able to explain their offering as well as being able to answer the customer’s consumers to keep them satisfied. I happened to encounter a problem with the installation of my very first purchase, a drop-in grill from Fire Magic. Fortunately, they have a stand-by technical assistant in the team who assisted me with every step of the whole installation process. Definitely the opposite of my very frustrating experience with an old E-commerce site that outsourced my problem to a customer service rep who couldn’t even clearly suggest a solution to my bath tub’s heating malfunction.

Zero Sales Tax

Except for Californian residents, value point distribution absolutely does not charge any sales tax in all their offered products. This is a huge plus for me because sales tax can cost very heftily when you choose to get high-end outdoor living equipment such as a swim spa or hot tub.

Risk Free with Returns and Refunds

Since my first purchase, I was assured by the very own CEO of that they grant returns and refunds in a very simple process. Of course every shopper would want to shop from an E-commerce company which has such a system as we can’t touch and test out the product that we would like to buy. I’ve also read several reviews about the company where the customers are praising the openness of the company to such a much-needed service of consumers.

Faster and Guaranteed Safe Delivery

The fire magic grill that I ordered from them was delivered in just six days – one day earlier than their seven-day claim. I have never seen anything come this close to the very fast, guaranteed delivery that they had assured me.

In conclusion, I have been very happy with my experience at value point and with the excellence that they have shown overall. They have impressed me tremendously and for that they have my loyalty when it comes to shopping for all that I need to complete the outdoor kitchen of my dreams!

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