High Quality Products, Unbeatable Prices, and Great Customer Care with Value Point Distribution

outdoor pergolaHaving just moved into a new home with a spacious backyard, I had this radical idea of turning it into an outdoor escape, but right within the comforts of my own living space. Of course, this wouldn’t come cheap, that’s why I worked hard to search for a reliable source which can provide me with the outdoor living products that I need with the most affordable prices possible.

I started off by searching for a grill that would help give that outdoor kitchen touch to my new backyard. My budget was pretty tight that’s why I was hoping to find a grill which is practical enough for grilling for two, but also spacious enough to accommodate cooking for barbecue gatherings with the family on the weekends. I looked around local improvement shops but the ones they have are just way beyond my budget, so I searched other sellers until a good friend recommended to me valuepointdistribution.com reviews, a company dedicated to providing outdoor living products of high quality but at the best possible prices.

It’s not the first time I tried shopping at an online E-commerce store, but I must admit that this company is not like the other typical E-commerce sites, which just sell products and nothing more. Value point distribution also provides the necessary information that you need in order to narrow down your search. Their helpful reviews describe covers the pricing, features, brand, and other important details for a comparative shopping experience. Their guide helped me found my luxurious Fire Magic Aurora A540 Grill, which only came at $2,895 – 20% less than the ones presented by the local retailer in our area.

Before going ahead with the purchase, I wondered why they have significantly lower prices than the usual. After all, any grilling enthusiast would agree that Fire Magic Grill is a powerhouse in the grilling industry. I asked around and learned that the reason behind their unbeatable pricing is that value point distribution actually partners with the top manufacturers in the industry and get their products straight from their factories then sell them to consumers direct, therefore eliminating the unwanted middlemen in the buying and delivery prices. As we know, these people who go between the trade only makes the prices go higher which is a disadvantage to us consumers.

Another factor that makes the company standout is their topnotch customer service. As a new customer I had plenty of questions about my new grill, and I was amazed at the helpfulness of the company representative who patiently sit through answering all my inquiries and concerns about their product. Not only did he answer them accurately and clearly, but he also answered it happily. Such high grade customer service is definitely what we customers need, as online shopping is not as simple as the regular purchase wherein you can take it to where u bought it for installation assistance or to have it fixed. The customer service team behind the company certainly knows very well how to keep their clients in-the-know and satisfied.

Overall, my experience with the company has been nothing but great. They helped me get the grill of my dreams at a more affordable price and the people behind the company made me feel valued as a customer. As expected, the quality of the product is as topnotch and its price is guaranteed low, so when I set about to purchase another item for my next outdoor escape addition, I’ll probably purchase a portable tub from the company to complete the outdoor living space of my dreams!

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