Choose Hot Tubs Direct – One of the Leading Retailers of Hot Tubs and Spas Online

pregnant woman in hot tubChoose Hot Tubs Direct is known as the industry’s leader in hot tub and spas retailers, and under the management of Steve Barbarich, CEO. The company sells hot tubs, freestyle spas, portable tubs, refurbished bath tubs, swim spas, and related products from the big names in the hot tub and spa business today – Dreammaker, H20 Fitness, Raindance, Paragon, and Island Escape. also bears certifications from the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals or APSP, McAfee SECURE, Top Merchant, and Trust E.

Reviews and Offerings

Aside from the hot tub units, they also provide gazebos, spa covers, and saunas, as well as the chemicals and accessories which are vital to its maintenance. The online retailer also lets its visitors have a good comparative shopping experience, with the help of reviews that cover the company info, company warranties, shipping and delivers, available accessories, and unbiased customer testimonials to give them a better insight at their options, and in turn get a bigger bang for their buck. They also have a Consultative Approach and Customer Support, to give their customers a great deal of knowledge about their desired products ahead of time in order to avoid unnecessary disappointments then the product arrives in their doorsteps.

About Steve Barbarich, Head Honcho of Choose Hot Tubs Direct

Long before the company was established, Steve has ventured into several different markets. His first notable company, Inventors Publishing and Research Company (IP&R), has helped many independent inventors bring their inventions out in the market and get patents for their inventions.

Aside from that, Steve Barbarich is also an author, having written “The Complete Manual on How to Make Money from Your Inventions & Patents”. His qualifications incorporate a whopping twenty years experience in intellectual property, product development, and marketing, which has made him an authority in such field.

After he wrote the book, Steve progressed to the foundation of the consumer products company AbsolutelyNew, which helps develop and patent the inventions of independent inventors and have them sold by leading manufacturers and retailers. Choose hot tubs direct was established with the help of the funding and experience that he got from this venture.

Steve Barbarich graduated from Claremont Harvey Mudd with an engineering degree, a fact which makes lots of people wonder how he came up with It began with a bad shopping experience he had with an e-commerce company, which had his bathtub delivered in awful shape, with the surface scratched and cracked all over. Such damages may have been caused in the factory or by the mishandling of the shippers, but either way, he had to contact the customer service about the issue. Instead of getting an appropriate solution however, what he got was a mere “sorry”, As an entrepreneur, Steve finally decided on establishing Choose hot tubs direct, built on the basis that they will be marketing such luxurious items but they would take care with any and every problems that are related with the shipping or installation problems. Steve managed to use such bad experience as the fuel to fire up Choose hot tubs direct, a flourishing company that’s based in San Francisco.

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