Understand Basic Principle of Antenna

Antenna is a device for receiving a signal and converts them into electrical signals feeding into something like a radio, television or telephone system. Antennas of this type are sometimes called receivers. A transmitter is a different type of antenna does the job in front of a receiver: that converts electrical signals into radio waves that can travel sometimes thousands of miles around the Earth or in space and back. The antennas and transmitters are the key to virtually all forms of modern telecommunications. Let’s look at what they are and how they work!

What about installation of the antenna?

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How does an antenna work?

Suppose you are the head of a radio station, and you want to transmit their programs to the world. How do you go about it? It uses microphones to capture the sounds of the voice of the people and turn them into electrical energy. You take electricity and, generally speaking, make it flow along a metal antenna height (increase in times of power so many travel as far as necessary in the world). As the electrons (small particles within atoms) in the electric current ripple back and forth along the antenna, creating invisible electromagnetic radiation in the form of radio waves. These waves travel at the speed of light, being in the radio program with them. What happens when you turn on the radio in my house a few miles away? Radio waves sent by the flow through the metal antenna and causes electrons to move back and forth. That generates an electric current-a sign that the electronics within the radius of my return into sound you can hear.

Transmitter antennas and receiver are often very similar in design. For example, if you’re using something like a satellite phone that can send and receive a video-phone calls to anywhere in the world using satellites, the signals transmitted and received all pass through a single satellite dish, a special type the bowl-shaped antenna (and technically known as a parabolic reflector, since the plate curves as a graph called a parabola). Often, however, the transmitters and receivers are very different. TV or radio antenna masts are huge sometimes extends hundreds of meters / feet in the air, because they have to send strong signals over long distances. However, you do not need anything big on the TV or radio at home: a much smaller antenna will do a fine job.

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