Effective Drilling Equipment Available At Tool HQ

Drilling service are essential in any construction work and need te be handled correctly. Given the nature of drilling function, it is thereby required that one selects suitable drills that will give the maximum performance throughout the whole construction. This has been catered for by the Tool HQ which is the largest and most reliable distributor of the two brands of drills in Australia and the whole world at large.

The two reliable drills are Makita and Dewalt. There is a mechanical difference between the two brands though the performance of the two is quite reliable and satisfying. Both are original brands and they cannot be reconditioned in any way. Though designed by the different manufacturers, they are all meant for the same function and have similar features and results they give are almost the same.

While Makita brand is designed for heavy duty jobs especially strong torque for steel and masonry applications, Dewalt performs better in light to medium applications. Another notable difference is the size and weight of the battery weight. Dewalt offers relatively smaller body size and light battery weight. This gives an easy access to tighter areas and reduction of fatigue to the user when operating with the tool.

Makita brand on the other hand has a powerful motor and its torque settings allow high user control. Its speed facilitates efficiency and wide range of applications. It is fitted with soft grip that allows absorption of vibration and metal gears that give easy power transmission.

The two brands of drills have other different specifications but they all give desirable service and they are durable and economical. They provide reliable drilling functions that provide high satisfaction. Genuine and original ones can be found at Tool HQ. Guarantee is given and shipping arrangement is offered as after sale service. This makes the distributor to be preferred and most reliable in the market.

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