How to change a car tyre

carjackChanging your car’s tyre is very easy and can be done by following few simple steps. Firstly, find a safe place for parking your car. Park away from the traffic and if possible switch on your hazard lights as a precaution. You also need to find a leveled surface which will restrict your car from rolling. Once you are sure that you have parked safely, take out the necessary tools like jack and spare ozzytyre from your car.

Place a heavy object in front of your tyres. The next step is to place the jack near the tyre which you want to change. Placing the jack correctly is a very important step, as improper positioning can cause damage to car parts, so make sure that you have positioned it properly before doing anything further. It’s also recommended that you consult your owner’s manual for finding the exact positioning of the jack. It is usually placed at the small plate under the frame of the car. This small plate can be located in 2 places on the frame of the car; front of the rear tyres and behind the front tyres. Once you have positioned the jack properly, raise it till it makes contact with the frame of the car.

The jack should be perpendicular to the surface. Then you need to lose all the nuts of the wheel by moving them counter clock wise with the help of a brace. After loosening all the nuts, raise the car to the extent that it allows the wheels to spin freely. Take all the nuts off and remove the wheel. Put this wheel safely in the boot of your car. Then place the spare Tempe tyre and put on the nuts. Tighten all the nuts with the help of a wrench. Make sure that positioning of jack does not change at all during this process. Lower the car to the ground and finish tightening the nuts. You have successfully changed your tyre.

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