Features of cheap and expensive tyres

It is of ring shape that is made to fit around the rim of the wheel in order to avoid shocks by providing a flexible cushion and hence improving the vehicles performance. These are made up of fundamental matters such as natural rubber, synthetic rubber, wires, fibers and many other chemical substances. Most of the tires that are used in vehicle such as cars, bicycles, and trucks come under the category of Pneumatic tires. The cheap tires are made up of low grade plastics and have less durability and are less used by the people. The quality of tyres greatly depends on the materials used. The tires prepared

The qualities of cheap and expensive tires:

These qualities differ from usually differ from tire to tire in various aspects such as rubber composition. Some of them may consist of high percentage of silica and natural rubber and are soft when compared to synthetic rubber tires thus providing a better grip. These include more tread areas that allows water to escape from under the tire easily, reducing the risk of hydroplaning. Some of them are provided with metal studs to improve grip and hence minimizes the risk of skidding of vehicles.

In major snowfall areas snow tires are very important because the cheap quality tires may not have a good gripping action and may cost severe accidents. The major manufacturers of these tires include Nokian tires, Bridgestone tires, Ozzytyres etc. Buying low quality tires means compromising with there qualities. In spite of buying a low price with poor quality one should switch to the high trade mark tyres produced by best manufacturers.

Advantages of expensive tires over cheap tyres:

Better grip, superior braking are few advantages that add plus points and reduces the risks of skidding of vehicles on the roads. The soft rubber, metal studs and deep treads combine to give tires the most possible grip.

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