Shopping for Spring Flowers at Local Florists

With winter behind us, spring is a great time to buy flowers and add some colour to your home or workplace. After a cold, grey, wet winter, flowers are a perfect way to get your body, mind and soul ready for spring and summer. Also, with so many local Australian flowers coming into season and onto the market place, there’s no excuse not to have fresh flowers in your home or workplace.¬†For those outside of Australia it is a great
time to put those Sydney, Brisbane, or Cairns holiday ideas to use and spend a vacation amongst the flowers.

The best place to shop and buy flowers is at your local florist shop. There are also florists in markets and in shopping centres. There are even florists with cafes serving coffee, cakes and light meals. What a perfect place to visit on a lazy Sunday afternoon or to meet up with a group of friends for a chat over a cup of coffee.
There are also online florists and flower shops that deliver flowers throughout Australia and overseas.

Flowers in the home are known to evoke strong feelings in all humans – feelings of beauty, grace, and lively sensuality. Fresh flowers are the best choice for your home as they bring a strong healing energy, with images of flowers or high quality silk flowers which are often used in Feng Shui, also.

Depending on your home or workplace, and your choice in flowers, there are some decisions you will need to make before deciding on the right bouquet of flowers for your home. Consider the position you intend to place your flowers and how much sunlight or breeze crosses the area. Too much sunlight will make your flowers blossom and wither too early. A breeze along the entrance of the corridor will dry your flowers out at a faster rate. In this case, you should consider hardier flowers such as Lilies, Iris, Gladioli or many of the bulb family flowers. Most of the bulb family flowers are very hardy as they are grown outdoors in cold conditions and can tolerate much more than green house grown flowers and plants. If a scent is what you’re after there are many local flowers that are suitable for indoors. Roses are the first choice, they have a unique scent that doesn’t degrade as the flowers age. The November lilies (White Trumpet Lilies) are a great scented flower, they have a very strong scent that can get a little over whelming over time.

Finding a florist shop that stocks a good range of scented flowers in Spring shouldn’t be a problem, as the warmth of Spring brings flowers in to bloom and the markets and florist shops are full of colour, scent and ambience.

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