Therapeutic Uses of Steam Showers

People have long understood the benefits of spending time in a sauna. A sauna can be a great aid in clearing up the sinuses, but it is not the only spa treatment capable of improving your health and wellbeing. Research shows that regular use of steam showers can provide great benefits in physical, mental and emotional health.

A steam shower consists of a large enclosed space that prevents heated water vapor from escaping. The Greeks and Romans pioneered the use of steam baths, but they are now going through a period of rediscovery. While natural hot springs were the heat source for ancient Roman steam baths, most of today’s steam showers use artificial means. This doesn’t make them any less helpful in the maintenance of your health. If you start using a steam shower on a regular basis, you’ll see many of the following health benefits.

Banish Acne
Saunas have the well-known ability to clear up the worst of complexions. It turns out that steam showers are every bit as effective as saunas. A good steam bath will clear out dirt, oils and other impurities from the skin while opening up the pores. It is important to cleanse your skin well during a steam shower. Otherwise, you’ll lose any of the benefits you gained while in the steam and could even make your skin look worse.

Relaxation Opportunity
The heat from a steam bath has a calming effect on the body. From the instant you step into the steamy surroundings, your muscles will start to feel loose and relaxed. Just a few minutes in a steam shower can wipe out a week’s worth of stress. This in turn provides great health benefits, as stress is responsible for a variety of diseases and chronic conditions. Set alongside sleek modern vanities with soothing ambient light, the overall atmosphere of a spa-like steam shower is quite calming. Surrounded by fresh modern décor, you’ll feel like you’re relaxing in a five-star resort instead of your own bathroom.

Strengthen Immune System
If you are prone to the flu, you may want to start spending a little time in a steam shower. Working like a fever, the steam shower raises the body’s temperature. This increase spurs the production of white blood cells, which are responsible for keeping your body free of harmful viruses and bacteria.

Solve Respiratory Issues
Are you battling asthma or bronchitis? Spend a little time bathing in steam, and your breathing will improve tenfold. A steam shower provides more respiratory treatment than a dry sauna. In saunas, the dry air is often too intense for those suffering from bronchitis or other debilitating lung problems. The gentle, moist heat of a steam shower is better suited to opening up the airway.

A lot of people suffering from respiratory diseases hold the mistaken belief that their problems will only improve with expensive vaporizers. This is simply not true. Steam showers are far more effective than vaporizers, as they contain a higher concentration of steam. Moreover, while vaporizers provide the sole benefit of improving respiration, steam showers can relieve multiple health issues at once.

Pain Relief
Whether you are suffering from muscle pain or stiff joints, a steam shower can help you feel better almost instantly. Bathing in steam causes your blood vessels to expand. This in turn improves blood circulation and allows more oxygen and nutrients to get to your muscles. In addition to reducing pain, the increased oxygen in your muscles will facilitate faster repair so that you can recover quickly. Even if you are dealing with major injuries, you can still benefit from using a steam shower. Step into your steam shower units after an intense workout session, and you’ll find that your recovery time is cut in half.

Steam Shower Aromatherapy
A steam shower is great for your health on its own, but those benefits will enhance with the help of aromatherapy. Some spas infuse essential oils into their steam baths in the hopes of promoting physical and mental vitality. Professionals create aromatic blends from flowers, roots, fruit peels and a variety of other ingredients. From there, a trained specialist chooses the perfect aroma from a selection of over 100 essential oils. Each essential oil provides unique benefits, such as relaxation, increased energy or mental focus. As you relax surrounded by the enchanting aromas, you’ll also receive all the aforementioned benefits of spending time in a steam shower.

If you are looking for a natural solution to your health issues, consider upgrading your bathroom with a steam shower. The benefits of this alternative treatment are endless. Even if you are in perfectly good health, you’ll find that the modern décor of a steam shower provides a calming place to unwind after a stressful week at work. Those who want to pamper themselves in style and turn their boring bathrooms into spa-like retreats often choose to buy the best bathroom vanities, soothing ambient light fixtures, and deluxe steam showers.

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