How To Maintain Stadium Artificial Grass

artificial grassThe use of synthetic turf is a current trend that has been growing in popularity. Synthetic turf is used as a grass area for lawns, stadiums, and more. Soccer and football are two sports that are played in synthetic grass areas. These fields require less maintenance than natural grass fields because artificial grass is durable and long lasting. They do not have to be watered. Grooming machines sweep fields in order to make sure rubber is distributed evenly. It is best if the artificial grass is swept during dry temperatures so clumping of the rubber does not occur.
This should be done at least weekly. Disinfecting solution can be put on the fields in order to disinfect the artificial grass. Fields can also be painted, which is great for sidelines and boundary lines. Sweeping, disinfecting, and painting the fields are three important maintenance tasks that must be taken into consideration. Maintenance is important for safety reasons, field longevity, appearance, and more. Synthetic grass looks similar to natural grass but lasts long and looks great during all seasons of the year. Rainfall even benefits the fields because it cools the synthetic grass. These fields are easy to maintain and have many benefits.


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