Useful tips when moving

When the appraiser visit the mover to give the budget, tell what kind of change needs to be done and he will advise on packing and transfer procedure that suits you. Talk about your time, needs and circumstances, so you can assess accurately. In this talk depends a large part of the success of your moving.

Make an organized removals will reduce your stress level.

Prepare and pre-select everything that has decided to move.

Classify it into categories (discard, give away, donate, etc..) That is not going to change and discard. This way when you receive the baskets, they saved what really moves and helpful.

One of the most common mistakes is thinking that the baskets have to be received well in advance. That can hurt because every kid basket measures: 0.50 x 0.50 x 0.50 cm. Clothing and 1m x 0.50 x 0.50 cm. Will be uncomfortable to move around the house when it is all occupied by the baskets. Ask them why the minimum time needed to fill them.

If you start saving well in advance, always need something inside the basket was more difficult to access. Not to mention the dust begins to form and get anxious discomfort to the family.

Label the baskets. Arriving at the new house will suffice to mention the names of the rooms and operators located each basket in place. Eg master bedroom, room boys, bathroom, storage room, kitchen, etc.

We recommend that the package-especially if you have fragile or expensive goods, is performed by a skilled (professional packer) who by their training and experience will give your property the care and treatment they require. Therefore, do not worry and learn to delegate.

If the budget is very tight and did not hire packers, pack carefully to the company asking for directions.

Do not mix things fragile clothing. The laundry baskets are very large and workers know that there are clothes in there. Then move them as such.

If an object is large and fragile, pack it with lots of tissue paper and corrugated cardboard. Do not mix with hard objects or store between towels or clothing.

To protect the dishes, object by object wrapped with newspaper or silk, forming a cushion bottom and side of the basket. Place plates on edge and not horizontally. Place the heaviest items first, and in them the lighter.

Pay close attention to how they stored containers with liquid contents. A bad bleach or oil covered slopes, can cause a catastrophe.

The clothes that are wrinkle (gowns, shirts, suits, etc..) You can leave it hanging in the closet until the day of the move, and put in special roperitos to change clothes when they have purchased especially well saved baskets of conventional clothing.

Do not place roperitos, coats, fur coats, pilots and other heavy things or do not wrinkle. These items will travel well in the large baskets of clothing. You can save them the clothes hanger included.

To keep books, which are heavy-fill the baskets only to slightly more than half, to facilitate handling thereof.

Another option is the removal of books by cardboard boxes measuring 40 x 30 x 30 cm. They are disposable and come folded so it can receive at home with the anticipation that you want and label them to will not have to return them.

To carry CDs we recommend engaging the use of cardboard boxes of 15 x 15 x 20 cm. disposable.

It should inform the Customer Service Centres, on previous measures to be considered before moving your appliances, computers, televisions, videocasetteras, audio equipment, air conditioners, etc.

Many removal companies have services and / or implementation, which are useful for equipment of some complexity.
Note also that all electrical appliances should be disconnected from the moving day. Wrap each wire. Do the same with the cables that connect computers to each other and with the TV coax cables and antennas. Save all together triples, transformers, remote controls, etc.

On moving day, you must have the empty refrigerator, clean and defrosted. Know that to relocate to their new home, should remain between 3 and 4 hours. unplugged for gases to equalize and does not burn the motor.

If your lavarropras drum is horizontal, should be responsible for “anchoring” the drum to prevent movement. In this way arrive in good condition and avoid breakdowns and repairs are inevitable if there is movement.

Make sure you have all light fixtures, disconnected from walls and ceilings.

The pots and containers that are not watered during the three days prior to the move, will be lighter and therefore move more easily. If you have indoor ferns, hanging plants, you can clamp the plant in a grocery bag to protect the leaves and then put it in a basket boy. For a pot does not hit the next door (within the baskets) separated the edges with paper rolls. Terracotta pottery and in many cases are often more vulnerable to the same glass. Just arrive at your destination, remove the baskets and leave them without the bag. Later, water them.

Be aware not to put balconies fences before the move, and that might be needed space for use as an entry point of the furniture.

If you have pets, talk to your veterinarian about the points to keep in mind with your pet. Especially if you have fish, birds and / or cats. The latter often escape quickly when the doors are open during the move.

When you arrive at your new home, first hang the clothing that was in the roperitos in their closets, so you can return immediately. Continue with baskets of clothes hangers, then with the pots, or baths, or books, but never unpack how fragile as the movers have not been withdrawn. Same behavior if you follow workers, painters, etc. at home. Check the baskets before returning to check for small objects are left inside them.

After the move to control the amount of boxes, baskets and / or drawers that came the first home and got to the other, following the instructions that control the company provides security forms, made for this purpose.

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