Pool maintenance tips

Once a year and having completely emptied the pool of water, should be cleaned thoroughly with a detergent acid and then make a good rinse.

Then we perform an analysis of the lining of the pool, plugging cracks and crevices present on the tile, because this action will prevent further damage to the pool as well as prevent them from growing algae and fungi. The cracks can be filled with specific products in the market.

After completing this process of cleaning and repair, and prior to filling the pool, it is advisable to use a concentrated algae product.

After filling the pool will be cleaned at least twice a week the funds. Adding commodities such as chlorine and algae in the right amounts recommended by the manufacturer of the product you are using, always with the jets to facilitate its rapid dissolution. Once this process we expect about 24 hours of filtering, if the health parameters are correct we can use the pool. Checking the PH of the water should be performed weekly and whenever you add water to the pool, since it is likely that the pH of the water varies.
To remove algae stains, use an algae, brush the pool properly and continuously filtered to remove the dead algae, including the bottom cleaner.
Turbid water may have several causes, such as insufficient or poor filtration, poor balance or insufficient level of oxidation (chlorine).

Basic parameters of pool water:
Water pH, between 7.2 and 7.6
Total hardness, 200 to 400 mg / l, 20-40 French degrees.
Alkalinity, 80 to 150 mg / l, 8 to 15 French degrees.

Chemicals for pools:
CHLORINE, prevents the proliferation of microorganisms in the water, as well as infections, prevent water transparency. Must be used in appropriate proportions, one of use will not be positive. Your level must be between 1 and 1.4 ppm, but we recommend following the signs for each product.
FLOCCULANT, this product manages to concentrate small particles in the water, which because of its greater size and weight settle to the bottom and can be removed after aspiration.
Algaecide, anti algae specifically for pools.
Corrector and PH stabilizer to maintain the pH of the water within the recommended standard values, depending on if we need to raise or lower the pH value.
NOTE: All chemicals for use in swimming pools must be approved by Health, detailing its usage, and number of approval.

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